Alpine Fun ‘Til the Cows Come Home in Gstaad

London’s summer came to an end with a thud, crash and wallop and it’s back to bicycle-induced helmet hair, blocked noses and sunsets that crash down at exactly 4 p.m. Imagine then my pleasure to be greeted on Thursday by a sunny photo of cheerful happy cows sent to me from the picturesque Alpine resort of Gstaad. I was almost moved to sing “the hills are alive…!”

I would like then to share with you some feelgood pictures to celebrate the last of summer fun in glorious Gstaad…

The girls have a bit of a get together for an afternoon drink, modelling the latest in Swiss chic hair accessories.

“Come on, come on, come on and do the conga!” The happy cows go for a stroll through the valley…

The prize cow at the Gstaad Suffsunntiga – an annual Alpine festival to celebrate the prettiest, most brilliant cow in the region. A good excuse to get all dressed up if you ask me!

It’s not just the cows that have all the fun in Gstaad. The goats also enjoy some of the Swiss fine-dining!

All in all, some very contented cows – who produce delicious cheeses and put a smile on everyone’s face, which is why you’ll always get a warm welcome in this part of the world!

Emma Jamieson
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