Save Money On Trip Of A Lifetime Travelling Out Of Season

Visiting destinations out of season has the obvious benefits of less crowds and cheaper rates but for some tourist hot spots it is also the best time to experience a rare adventure and the trip of your life.

Our travel experts give their top reasons for visiting their destinations out of season.

1. Dive with a Whale Shark – The wet season from May to December is a fantastic time for diving enthusiasts to visit as you are more likely to see a whale shark and the Maldives is one of a few places in the world where you can swim with this incredible creature. Many fish species spawn during this time as well so you can see a lot of rejuvenation along the reefs when our instructors here at Lily Beach Resort and Spa take you the best dive sites around.

Teo-Dora Karsheva, Director of Sales and Marketing for Lily Beach Resort and Spa.



2. Get Snap Happy on Safari – The rainy season from November to April is a great alternative to peak-season safaris in Zambia, as it offers a very different, but equally rich safari experience with a particular emphasis on birding as migratory birds and native species are in abundance during these months. This is also the best time for photographers as there is less dust and national parks are generally quieter.

Christina Carr, Sales and Marketing, Norman Carr Safaris


3. Active in the Alps – Traditionally, the Swiss Alps is known as a snowy getaway but the summer season from May to October offers sun worshippers the chance to experience the spectacular scenery and fresh mountain air in a different light. A huge array of alpine sports including mountain biking, horse riding, hill walking, wind surfing and sailing are available and here at Nira Alpina we enjoy an average of 322 days of sunshine a year.

Stephanie Fischer, Sales & Marketing Manager, Nira Alpina


4. Dock Your Yacht and Ski – For yacht owners and sailing enthusiasts Porto Montenegro is just as dynamic and exciting during the winter months from December through March. There are regattas, cooking classes and boat decorating activities arranged for residents, crew and locals. In addition to the vibrant nautical community, there are two ski resorts within two hours of PortoMontenegro making it an unlikely but ideal winter destination.

Oliver Corlette, Managing Director – Porto Montenegro


5. Detox in the Foothills of The Himalayas – According to Ayurveda the monsoon season from May/June to October is considered the best season to detox as the moist, cooler weather opens up the pores of your skin making them more receptive to herbal oils and therapy. Ayurveda forms an intrinsic part of the wellness regime for guests at Ananda and stunning location of the Himalayan foothills makes for a truly unforgettable and spiritual experience.

Anupam Dasgupta, General Manager, Ananda in the Himalayas


6. Holiday like a Celebrity in St. Moritz – St Moritz has long been a favourite of the rich and famous and in the summer months from June to September it is blessed with clear skies, fresh air and balmy weather which is perfect for sailing. At Badrutt’s Palace Hotel we have our own sail boat which guest can be hire complete with private skipper who will do all the hard work as you relax and indulge in delicious gourmet food.

Hans Wiedemann, Managing Director, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel


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