Hotels make drinking healthier with a fresh take on cocktails

A cooling cocktail after a long day always goes down well, and with The Dolder Grand’s brand new cocktail menu, ‘Herbal Infusions’, inspired by the herbs in the hotel garden, cocktails have never tasted so good.

In the same way that LUX* Resorts uses herbs from their very own herb-garden for cooking and baking, The Dolder Grand prides itself in using home-grown products for deliciously fresh cocktails.

With a self-cooked syrup as the basis of each herbal-infused drink, cocktails aren’t just delicious but good for you too!

The refreshing Saffron Mojito is made from Saffron-infused gin, saffron syrup, lime, orange juice and Moroccan mint. Mint is not only known for its cooling effects, aroma and taste, but also for its ability to aid with digestion, nausea and headaches, skin care and it is even thought that certain enzymes found in a mint leaf can help cure cancer. Saffron, on the other hand, contains an antioxidant that can help to defend the body from oxidant-induced infections, stress and cancers. This delicious spice is also a great source of vitamins and minerals.

Pineapple’s Seduction truly seduces the jovial drinker with its splendid melange of vodka, pineapple juice, lemon juice, fresh pineapple and sage. It is believed that sage not only improves memory capacity, but also aids diabetics by decreasing the amount of insulin that diabetics require to maintain the correct blood sugar levels, acts as an anti-inflammatory and, as an antioxidant, sage can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. Furthermore, Pineapple is renowned for containing an enzyme called Bromelain and has numerous health benefits, such as a healthier heart and circulation, better immunity and improved respiration.

With Rosemary’s Fizz – containing gin, lemon juice, sugar, soda and rosemary – your brain capacity could be increased. Recent studies have found that the smell of rosemary can improve brain function. Of course, like its sister plant sage, rosemary also contains antioxidants and tastes delicious.

The Dolder Grand have been celebrating with their newly created It’s Bellini thyme, which contains peach pulp, champagne Erik De Sousa and lemon thyme. Lemon thyme has long been used for its anti-aging properties, its ability to strengthen the immune system and aid with digestion, as well as for its relaxing qualities…sip and – ‘ahhhhh’ – relax.

With Brown rum, strawberries, lime juice, sugar and basil, the Basilberry is a delightful concoction of great taste and good health. Basil is part of the mint family and, like mint, it has an overwhelming amount of nutrients, such as vitamin K and calcium. It also boasts high levels of antioxidants and has been proven to reduce DNA damage and decrease stress-levels.

Similarly, Hillside SU has taken the initiative to make the most of authentic, locally sourced produce. The chic hotel in Antalya also uses Turkish ingredients that benefit from the agricultural heritage of the surrounding area. As one of the main fruits grown in Turkey, pomegranates are a firm favourite at Hillside SU and the hotel mixologists have created a deliciously refreshing Pomegranate cocktail.

With the arrival of Pomegranate season (September-February), Hillside SU is preparing to wow jovial drinkers with a marvellous melange of freshly pressed pomegranate juice.

The health conscious will be pleased to know that pomegranates are a great source of fibre, vitamin C, vitamin B5, calcium, iron, protein and potassium. Additionally, with a high level of antioxidants pomegranates help prevent disease, maintain youthfulness and help keep cholestral low. Guests can now sip their way to healthiness whilst enjoying an authentic taste of Turkey – I’ll drink to that!

With added health benefits at these hotel bars, who needs another excuse to say: ‘Cocktail please!’

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