How to Stay Healthier Longer: Target the Specific

Never has The Queen been so busy. With her subjects living longer than ever, writing all those centenarian telegrams must be a full time job. In 1952, 255 telegrams were sent out. By 2007 this figure had reached 8,439.

However, recent research into healthy ageing shows that although our life expectancy may be increasing, our healthy life expectancy, defined by the Office for National Statistics as ‘expected years of remaining life in ‘good’ or ‘fairly good’ general health’, is not keeping up.

What do the experts say?

There is plenty of good advice available on how to improve our health in later years. Age UK has ten very useful top tips:

  1. Exercise
  2. Eat a healthy diet
  3. Don’t smoke
  4. Engage socially with others
  5. Have a positive attitude about ageing
  6. Get regular health check ups
  7. Protect your eyes
  8. Avoid excessive sun exposure
  9. Get sufficient, good quality sleep
  10. Pay attention to your finances

Where to start

Pick one of Age UK’s top tips and do something positive to put it into practice.

Smokers – Why not give up in luxury by spending 7 nights on the Anti-Tobacco Program at the SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain. Those first week cravings will be easier to bear gazing out over the spectacular infinity pool and the two months of email coaching after your stay will help you from falling back into old habits.

If getting a good night’s sleep eludes you, how about addressing this at a Deep Sleep Retreat at Surrey’s Grayshott Spa. This comprehensive program includes an EEG analysis of your brainwave patterns as well as group and one-to-one sessions with Neuro-Stratologist and sleep specialist Tej Samani, teaching you how to switch off and stay switched off all night.

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