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The Anatomy of a Balanced BBQ

flickr courtesy of blmurch

It is very easy to overeat when there is a buffet-type spread laid out in front of you. Rather than repeatedly picking at bits and pieces, whether picnicking or at a BBQ, get a plate, fill at least half of...

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Rolling Back the Years

So Spa

Over 11,000 people visited London’s first ever anti-aging exhibition at Olympia in May. This turnout demonstrates that consumers are investing time and money in maintaining a youthful glow. The pursuit of perfection through plastic surgery and Botox is no longer...

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5 Rules You Should Know About the 5:2 Diet


Firmly routed in hard science, the 5:2 diet is supported by some of the world’s top nutritionists including Stephanie Moore, Grayshott Spa’s leading nutritional therapist. Below, Stephanie lists her top five facts about the 5:2, 7-day health programme at Grashott Spa and why it is...

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@PRCoUK trends with First #LuxVox Chat

How do you define Wellness? #LuxVox

Yesterday marked the first @PRCoUK #LuxVox Twitter Chat, talking women’s wellness with co-host @SpaBreaks. During the hour, #LuxVox reached over 120,000 accounts and made over 1.1 million impressions. Key interactions and findings from @handbagcom @Spahaha @tim_weeks and @Gallivanters amongst others gave us...

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Which Summer Body Are You?


With the race to get bikini-ready for summer just around the corner we have devised a simple questionnaire to discover which path you should take to get your ultimate summer body. Read the following statements and pick which most applies...

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New Grayshott Programme launches this January: Tackling Health from the inside out

If your ‘gut’ is not working properly – neither will anything else.

“A complete re-education of one’s digestive system. Training you & your gut for a better life.” Ros Levin For nearly 50 years Grayshott in Surrey has provided a retreat for those looking to address health issues and improve their well-being. Their...

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DIY Beauty

Spa tips from Shanti Maurice

Pinterest, the image-sharing website, is undoubtedly one of the success stories of 2012. If you’re as addicted as we are, you’ll know that Do It Yourself (DIY) boards are all the rage. The trend for making our own clothes and fragrances...

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Grayshott Living

A healthy start to the day at Grayshott

Grayshott Living  Extended stays in hotels are not unusual for those whose lifestyles dictate a need for convenience, however, 2012 saw an increase in people desiring to add health and wellbeing into this equation. Due to popular demand, award-winning Grayshott Spa in Surrey is now...

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