Wine Adventures…in the U.S.A.

Surprisingly, here in the U.S. there are more than 6,200 registered wineries with at least one winery in every state.*  That means, the opportunities for budding oenophiles to discover off-the-radar regions and producers without jumping on an intercontinental flight are really quite endless.

Yes, yes we all know about California, Washington, and Oregon but have you tasted wines from New York (beyond the big producers), Texas, or even North Carolina? These latter three all boast more than 100 wineries each, just waiting for one to come and sniff, swirl, and sip.

New York – Skip Long Island and head north.  The Finger Lakes are a region that is increasingly on the radar of the wine world for its top-notch Rieslings and Gewurztraminers.  It’s the place to taste if you enjoy sweeter whites, but don’t discount the reds; red-only producers such as Shalestone Vineyards are helping to redefine the region.

North Carolina – Head to this Southern state not just for BBQ, but rather for wine.  While its varied geography allows a variety of grapes to be produced, The Tar Heel State is known for its Scuppernongs.  This muscadine grape is lauded as the first wine grape cultivated in the U.S., and legend has it that the state’s “Mother Vine” is the oldest known cultivated vine in the nation.  Those eager to taste history can visit Duplin Winery and sip their MotherVine Premium Scuppernong, which is the first commercially available wine produced from Mother Vine in over 100 years.

Texas – Dynamic and diverse, big and bold- adjectives that are becoming synonymous with wines from The Lone-Star State.  Take an expert’s word for it.  Master Sommelier James Tidwell conveyed his passion to The Daily Meal recently, spotlighting the state’s diversity of climate that allows it to produce wide varieties of grapes and ultimately wines that are reminiscent of their European counterparts…but with a little Texas flair.

*as of 2010

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