26 May 2020

There are glimmers of hope for COVID-19 recovery on the horizon for many countries in which we operate, in terms of discussion and guidance at government level about an exit strategy from the current ‘lockdown’ status.

So, whilst we are all still working from home, I thought I would share some more webinars and courses that might be of interest. They explore soft skills as well as team engagement and finding ways we can approach our situation with resilience and determination.

I hope these are useful and despite the relaxing of restrictions in some countries, please stay safe!

Webinars and courses

Making Influence Work

Ever had trouble persuading someone to do something, even if it was in their best interest? Sometimes people don’t budge, but thankfully you have more than rewards and penalties at your disposal.

Encourage Camaraderie in Virtual Meetings

Leading virtual meetings is a critical competency for leaders who manage a remote or blended team. Here are three tips to build bonds in a virtual environment.

How Teams Persevere to Achieve Goals

In this visually stunning and inspiring business narrative, filmed on location in the Rocky Mountains, leadership expert Jan Rutherford and a team of nine professionals dig deep to persevere and deliver on a collective goal—demonstrating a set of skills we call “grit.”

Pitching Yourself – Why it is so important

Pitching is a universal skill. The time will come when you need to pitch an idea, a project, or even yourself. But you may stumble when the moment strikes—if you don’t have a quick and effective process to nail the pitch.

Productivity Tips

Time management tools and programs can only go so far. If you want to boost your productivity in a lasting way, you need to change the way you look at your time and your tasks.

Sheryl Sandberg: Building Resilience

Dodging adversity is often not a choice. Encountering a devastating event—the gut-wrenching kind that zaps away joy—is an inevitability of life. They offer practical steps you can take to reimagine and rebuild your life when your first choice—your Option A—is no longer on the table, and you’re faced with the task of making the absolute best of Option B.