PRCO Group has been appointed to represent VIVAMAYR Medical Health Resort Maria Wörth, the birthplace of Modern Mayr Medicine.

The medical health resort, located on the picturesque peninsula of Lake Wörthersee in the south of Austria, invites guests to achieve a new standard of living and long-term health through the empowering VIVAMAYR health philosophy, which is rooted in intestinal and digestive health.

World-class care and medical services are provided by a specialist team of highly qualified doctors and therapists, led by Medical Director Dr. Werner Zancolo. A tailored treatment programme is developed for every guest, to address their individual needs and concerns. Almost 100 medical and hotel staff take care of a maximum of 50 guests.

PRCO’s campaign will drive awareness of the health resort and raise the profile of the expert team at VIVAMAYR Medical Health Resort Maria Wörth. 

For more information please visit VIVAMAYR’s website.