PRCO is engaged to raise awareness of the Rocco Forte Hotels brand and develop storytelling techniques within the DACH region, UK and the GCC, highlighting a growing portfolio of 11 individual hotels.

The brief is to highlight Rocco Forte Hotels as a family business, skillfully leveraging key spokespeople to strengthen brand image and public identity. The team also draws on the differentiation between Italian and British values to result in unique market positioning.

Four Season outside seating
Rocco Forte Internal

The PRCO network leads a global team of agencies in a coherent communications approach, marked by Tier A media meetings in each region and introductions to key brand and regional spokespeople. This has included the introduction of Irene Forte’s skincare range, which also reinforced the Forte brand’s family values.

Highlights have included global coordination of the launch Hotel Savoy’s new suites in Villa Kennedy amongst both trade and consumer outlets, in addition to the securing of high-profile media placements showcasing Laudomia Pucci and the group’s interior designer Olga Polizzi.